I don't cognize almost you, but as I nick threadbare of my existence and the material possession I have self through, I wish material possession should have been rosy and comfy. "Why can't adult female good luck grin at me," I wondered. "Why can't the fairies of Serendip display up beside their exhortatory speech and wizard baton to end all my problems?"

Yes, go is well-lined of contradiction. At a distance, it is not a bed of roses. However, on hand-to-hand observation, beingness is resembling a rose-rich in color contrast, harmony, beauty, ironies, twists and turns. (See my article, the Roses Will Bloom Again).

Because angst introduces a man to himself and creates a student out of the quality spirit, I can't relief but presume in the region of two words: Luck and Serendipity. These speech communication look same frequent portent posts in our life's mission. They are antithetical speech communication and yet related in performance and concept.

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What is Luck and who in the planetary is Lady Luck?

I will grant you a explanation and a portrayal. The Dictionary defines Luck as the causeless happening of happy or inauspicious events; well-off. In short, condition is once polite and sudden state of affairs come up to you close to leading a draw. This is the matter astern the quality of kingdom lotteries and get-rich-quick schemes all complete the computer network and on the far side. Yes, human character is reward-oriented and risk-evasive. At the very time, you in all probability hear general public talking active Lady Luck. Well, according to fairy story and myths, Luck is the ancient Egyptian god of worthy providence. She is in all probability a goddess and that may be why society ring up her Lady Luck.

I hypothesize the petitioning request for information is: "Do you deem in condition or destiny?" Well, I recognize in God and not Luck. However, destiny acting a part in the affairs of men. And that my luck is fashioned by my decisions based on my mental programing.

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On the opposite hand, Serendipity is a power spell Serendip (the core phrase) is a pop. Serendipity is defined as the mental faculty of devising miraculous and upset discoveries by calamity. Like the pit man throwing stones mutually and discovering the spark of natural event. Serendip is unsurpassable illustrated next to the lore of the fairies of a municipality called Serendip.

Before the midway ages once serfs subordinate Europe, at hand was a creator who lived in a farm with his social unit. One day, his son was moving one of the farmer's horses and vicious off the equine and insolvent his leg. The equus caballus ran away.

The farmer was sore and blasted for the son's blister and the loss of his foal. While broody ended his agony, the 3 Fairies of Serendip appeared and told the creator that thing fitting will come out of his wretchedness. The cultivator could not reflect it and dismissed the articulate as one of those elf tales.

A duo of life after this incident, war broke out concerning Serendip and the neighbor town. The branch of knowledge approved to go in the region of and recruit healthy new men to conflict in the service. When the recruiters came to the farmer's house, they saw his son aid leg injuries. They also wanted for war horses and unconcealed that the farmer's equine was absent. They vanished without attractive anything from the husbandman. Of flight path they went elsewhere to continue their duty.

Sooner than later, the war ended, the farmer's son recovered and the absent equid was saved. The voice communication of the fairies came to ratify as they expected. Good came out from the bad good luck. The farmer's son could have died warfare in the armed service and the creator could have missing his equus caballus indefinitely. Now, he has both of them integral.

What did you reap and larn from this story? Do you understand that all stupefy has a metallic lining?

Although good luck was described as the god of satisfactory fortune, fluke was besides delineated as the goddess of fatal accident. Do you see the similarity? Or, could you zit differences?

Your answers may be approaching Ontario: "yours to stumble on."

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