There is a large motley of penning pens in the present day. There are rollerball pens, structure pens, reed pens, spike pens, fountain pen pen, dip pens, gel pens, antler writing implement pens, etc. Among the most obvious pens manufacturers are Parker Pens, Mont Blanc Pens, Waterman Pens, Bic Pens, Cross Pens and galore others. This outstanding print instrument, with the relief of which you can leave an ink indication on a thesis surface, is an critical quantity of our go. In fact, it is an necessary quantity of quality nation.

The past times of calligraphy pens begins from the past times, roughly speaking from period of time 3000 B.C. They were cut out from stalks of gramineous plant. The English declaration "pen" (a characters spike) came from latin "penna" implication "feather of a bird". It happened because of the terrible popularity of anseriform bird feathers, which were upturned at the bottom line. Since VI time period B.C. craniate feathers have been wide utilised by umteen civilizations. The superior samples were ready-made of big feathers of swans, turkey-cocks and geese. Archaeological finds in remains Pompeii reckon bronze variants of handwriting pens, on the other hand they have normative countrywide distribution individual by the end of XVIII time period. After a period of time pens near a capillary system, or simply fountain pens, were fictional by L.E. Waterman, a New York merchant of lettering stock. Laszlo Biro, taking into information the end methods of trade of ball-bearings for machines and weapons, intercalary the ball piece of equipment to capillaries and bestowed the marker pen to the worldwide in 1944. The Tokyo writing paper steadfast Pentel became the archetypal to endowment the felt-tip pen to the planetary in 1960.

The timeroad of print pens times of yore is nearly 6000 time of life long-life. Here are the important milestones on it:

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About 3000-4000 eld B.C. The past man scratched a squelchy dirt sheet with a chromatic or clean stick.

About 3000 old age B.C. Egyptians started to use imagery in their compositions. Thin graminaceous plant brushes or feathers were used to manufacture inscriptions on rolls of paper.

1300 B.C. Romans utilised aluminous pens to communicate on adulterate sheets of wax put on woody parallel bars. Writings were erased by the another end of the pen.

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Middle Ages. Anglo-Saxons began to use gymnastic apparatus filled next to wax unconnected from paper. They wrote with gold-bearing or bony pens, one end of which was sharpened and the other was used for deleting.

600-1800 A.D. Europeans found out that the use of pointed pens exchanged the way of calligraphy (handwriting). First they utilized just property letters, but subsequent on they began to use teeny culture to loudening rate of letters. Quill pen (goose spine) that for the primary occurrence appeared in Seville, Spain, was previously owned as a caption device from 600 to 1800 A.D.

1790ies. Independently the tablet pencil was invented in France and Australia.

1800-1850ies. The metallike construction pen was patented in 1803, but the unobstructed was not used in commercialized purposes. Steel pens were wide adoptive in 1830ies. In 19th period bimetallic pens flawlessly replaced pens from goose feathers. In 1850 the use of quill pen pens appreciably decreased, as characteristic of metal pens got higher: their tips were ready-made of doughy alloys next to combination of iridium, rhodium, and osmium.

Lewis Edson Waterman, an protection agent, fabricated the first structure pen in 1844.


Invention the biro pen is officially unfashionable to the end of the 19-th period of time. In 1888 John Loud took out a patent, in 1916 - Van Vechten Reisberg. Unlike else patents these were used in moneymaking purposes.

Invention of the modern ball pen is attributed to Laszlo Biro and George Biro. In time of year 1943 the preliminary commercial enterprise copies were factory-made. Patent rights were bought by the British Parliament. Ballpoint pens were utilized by militarians during the 2nd worldwide war as they were more than favorable and sure than spine pens.

In 1940ies writing implement pens appeared on the market of the USA. They were sold as the most basic pens which wrote submersed. Ballpoints were a tremendous natural event. In one of the queen-sized storehouse departments in New York much than 10,000 marker pens were oversubscribed during a luncheon on October, 29 1945.

In 1953 the archetypal tuppeny game equipment pens appeared, when French noble Bich of BIC Co, affianced in trade of biro pens, managed to ameliorate the scientific modus operandi and lowered radically business overheads. Bic pens were hugely catchpenny and rapidly became highly desirable.

In 1960 the felt-tip pen was fabricated in Japan. Soon felt-tip pens appeared on the American flea market and grasped it.

Rollerball pens appeared in the start of 1980ies. They had a awheel orb and could use semiliquid ink that allowed to be in contact sander line on broadsheet. Technological advancement of the end of 1980ies - the beginnings of 1990ies substantially improved rollerballs in all parameters.

In 1990ies pens next to a processed shallow that attenuated urgent on the pen came into use and were wide adopted.

In 1997 general production of RingPens was started. These pens were developed to exchange letters lacking pressing iii fingers on it piece writing.

Technological progress doesn't bear not moving. And who knows what variety of pens we will communicate beside in a decade, a century, a period of time...

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