OK. So we've all detected more or less how our social group is gonna spawn the social group financial guarantee group go poor. Forget astir the information that we've been feat our pockets picked since we saw our first-year misfortunate paychecks from that cheesy teenage job all those age ago. When we stared at it in young adult terror and squeaked out thing like-minded ... "Ah, gee - Mr. Smith, what's all this pack that got interpreted out of my pay?"

It was next that we were explained to in paternal tones, that after Big Brother (the Government - City, Sate and Federal) got finished output our pockets, they came vertebrae for one more corpulent with a miniscule doozy called; Social Security. An unputdownable miniature protective clothing lame that we've all go to breakthrough out is neither impressively common nor support.

I know we've all detected this before, but the not so elusive announcement - that we well again put our guardianship put money on in our pockets if we expect to pull together what SS is due to us, has been proper a lot more than minacious as of late.

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Have you detected for happening that the position age for us - The Baby Boomers - keeps agonizing forward; 62, 63 64, 65 - 67...! It's kinda' like-minded that automatic leporid mammal at the Dog Track. You cognise the one that they use to hang on to the dogs running at top race. And the insolvent old mutts ne'er come across to pick up on that the quicker they go, the faster the leporid mammal runs to support retributory invitingly ahead of them. Just approaching SS, wherever as we view the circulating status age, it moves tantalizingly up - fitting just out of our make. Just close to the dogs and the leporid.

Now the letter has begun to modify a bit. "Hey Boomers - forget almost that meagre small-scale SS watch. Just human activity on and hard work at those remunerative big-time, high-stress jobs that you've been over achieving in since you were in your time of life. Yes sir and yes ma'am - that'll activity out of late magnificent for your neighbourly willing government, 'cause if you do it will tight-fisted that..."

a.) You won't ask for the Social Security (that we don't have to pay you) and;

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b.) You'll hold on to production 'big bucks' that will modify you to buy cars, boats and 2nd homes for position (that you'll never get to actual leave office in but it will variety the built-up and condominium markets bullish) and you'll be able to preserve the economy humming along as powerfully as;

c.) You'll be able to move to pay loads and loads and tons more than City, State and Local taxes. And primo of all;

d.) You'll carry on to pay into Social Security alternatively of assembling from it! (which will construct your friends in the parliament so much happier at not having to pause the bad communication to you that they're defrayment it quicker than you trade name it.!)

Well whew! Now that you put it that way, that sounds a lot bigger to me. You know, pay in or else of pull together. Yes indeed, a entire lot fairer.
Plus if we filch the governments evidently okay expected advice, next we get to hold in work at the 'fun' jobs we've been plugging distant at for the 20, 30 or 40 years!

Cool. Just a duo of quick questions for the friendly, 'man from the command who's here to help'. You have unwooded all of this next to our employers, right? I be going to they're all on committee near us protruding about the job until we're into our 1890s - right?
Perhaps we could be issued near command subsidized Depends and Metamucil to support us at our desks longer.

On the other hand location is the teeny-weeny concern of those pestiferous younger generations who are previously beginning to fashion hellish noises, adage material possession like, "Why don't you guys leave office and get the 'bleep' outta present so that we can push up to greater jobs!"
And if that one doesn't change you, consequently how astir this. "Hey if you don't retire, after we're ne'er gonna get those advanced jobs next to the big bucks which likewise process that we'll have to preserve people in your cellar which will suggest that you'll have to act employed to defend us ... Forever!"

Instead lets bring to mind that we were the classmates of 'Protest'! The contemporaries that The Who support for when they sang, "We're not gonna take it!"

So bear in mind that the side by side case the polite establishment man tells you what fun it will be to livelihood laboring distant at the aforementioned old popsicle accept all done your 'Golden Years.'
Tell him you poorness that tinny gnomish bill of exchange that you've been bustin' a hump for all these age. And that you're gonna purloin it and go vertebrate watching, or fly outdoor sport or stern packing in the precipitation wood. And when you force the miserable teensy piece into your small bag and ramble off to 'do your own thing', retributive bread and butter on sound that cool old anthem of our contemporaries ... "we're not gonna thieve it!"

Ric Wasley - Author

Shadow of Innocence - Kunati - April 2007

Acid Test - Fall 2004

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